On your wedding day
"We're changing the way you remember "

imageFor weddings, we usually offer a traditionally romantic style, without all the goofy, cheesy things that you may see elsewhere.  Read on to help with your decisions.

  • It's our responsibility to protect the emotion of your wedding while providing the coverage that you need.  Here's where experience comes in.  We're celebrating our 32nd year of focusing for families.  Where else can you find a company that is actually certified on the editing software but also understands that the finished movie is about the relationships of your families and guests?  We provide the perfect blend of recording and technical capabilities with the right amount of traditional, romantic creativity.

  • Our custom oriented approach means that you don't have to settle for some preconceived package.*   If you're not in Houston or too busy to come in, we'll make the time to speak with you on the phone.  We've had many clients decide that we were the perfect match for their wedding on that very first phone call to us. Call now - our phone number is (713) 529-4404; or, read on.   Either way you'll learn how MDI is the perfect choice for your memories. 

  • Content is "KING".   On a wedding day, there are no re-shoots.  You're either getting the right stuff; or NOT!   You can depend upon us to preserve the relationships of the people at your wedding.  Our videos touch your heart the very first time you watch them and continue to do so.

  •  We base our prices on your event, whether it's small and intimate, a destination wedding, or a large affair.  On average, weekend weddings are in the $2500 - $19,600 range. Weekday events may be less.  Destination weddings and High Definition are more.  To quote a firm price we'll need to find out about your needs.

  • We've worked with just about every faith and religion. We've been satisfying clients longer than some of the other guys have even been alive.  We know how to complement your wedding, be discrete and  not embarrass you nor your guests, all at the same time.

  • A movie helps you savor the moments of time.  A creative, emotional movie with good technique and great sound will be your best wedding investment for years to come.  But to do so, it takes the right mix of attitude, experience, technical know-how and creativity.

* Ever wonder where all the multitudes of wedding packages come from?  We do.  Doesn't it make more sense to discuss your needs with a wedding vendor to see if he or she can provide what you want, instead of making you settle for something that was dreamed up in a coffee shop one morning?